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Dine Brands » Identity

Dine Brands » Identity


Dine Brands is one of the largest full-service dining companies in the world. They support their restaurant brands, Applebee's and IHOP, with strength and reliability. The result of this re-design is a clean, simple and quietly confident visual style that allows Applebee's and IHOP to remain at the forefront. Their logo mark is a single rectangle that houses the unique large letterforms, emphasizing their trustworthiness and no nonsense confidence. The leading typeface, Sentinel, a clean and approachable slab-serif that maintains a strong practical feel to help communicate Dine Brands’ values. It’s paired with Radikal, a geometric sans-serif with a few quirky characters that complement the Dine Brand personality. The deliberate sparsity of color allows for their restaurant brands to be the hero while a bold red is used subtly for a bold impact in key areas.

Work done at Bulldog Drummond | Creative Director: Garrett Patz | Design Team: Colleen McGahey